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Information about Our Remapping Service

The most cost effective way to unleash your vehicle's full performance potential and fuel saving capabilities is to apply a JD Tuning ECU remap.

JD Tuning provide only 100% verified and tested ECU maps that are unique and custom made to suit your vehicle. If your vehicle has been slightly modified, had extensive modifications or is completely standard we can tailor a remap file to suit you.

Our service's are priced extremely competitively and can offer further discounts for multiple vehicle or fleet bookings.

Our remapping service normally takes about 1 hour depending on what vehicle it's being applied to (not including Pre 2000 Chip Tune and Tri-Core ECU Remaps).


Our DPF Pipe Modification and DPF Software Bypass service is second to none....

The DPF Pipe Modification is visually un-detectable during MOT checks and our software bypass is invisible within the ECU. We don't use plug in modules that trick the ECU into not regenerating the DPF. We offer the cheapest method of correction when your DPF fails.

 The following pages contain more information about the services we offer and about our company.


What is an OBD ECU Remap?

 ECU Remapping via the OBD Port (on board diagnostics) is the most commonly used method for ECU Remapping, we connect a laptop via the latest interface to the vehicles OBD Port and by doing so we can access the vehicles ECU memory where the software for controlling the engine is stored.

 Some of the advantages of using OBD ECU Remapping are:

 •no additional units/devices (tuning Boxes)
 •no visable sign of being done
 •quick and safe to do
 •no need to open ECU

 Via the OBD Port we take a copy of the ECU Data, this is saved and if required can be put back into the ECU restoring it to original factory settings. From here we load into a HEX editing software where we can locate the tables of data known as maps (hence the name ECU Remapping) for various things such as fuelling, boost pressure, timing and many more. We then optimise these settings and then upload them back into your vehicles ECU. Once the new settings are loaded we then carry out a full data logging session and numerous tests to ensure the vehicle is running to its full potential and that there are no problems.

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